17/January/2010: Heavens

I look up to the night sky, the stars shine,  I comprehend their beauty, they appreciate my appreciation. My mind floods with ideas, these faint, distant star are nearer to me than a pen in my hand. Venus,  Mars,  Jupiter rule their territories.

On my side of the Earth [Northern Hemisphere], Orion overpowers every other constellation.  Auriga, Cassiopeia, Taurus all fall down. The Great Orion nebulae is bright and very easy to find. Pleiads are as beautiful as they always are,  if you dont have a telescope, binoculars reveal the spectacular open cluster, all stars entangled in each others gravity. I can’t see  Ursa Major or Ursa Minor…. they might be sailing near the horizon.  Lyra is beyond my field of view, stupid light pollution, 30 degrees above the horizon, I can see no stars except Sirius.

As night changes into day, this months solareclipse was AWESOME. For those of you who don’t know, 15 January’s solar eclipse was the longest solar eclipse.  Thenext, ‘long’ solar eclipse will take place after 1000 years[from wat i have read]. I saw every second of the solar eclipse, I EVEN SAW THE SUNSPOTS FOR THE FIRST TIME…COOOLLL.

gtg guys…will write l8r



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